Don’t forget me…

Based on the recent ​marketing activity in the whole world, I think it`s very important to say that we need originality more than ever!

WE  need.

Not they. We do.

Because every time we make marketing research, and we see that competition is not that good, we say “Great, we own the top!”. But do we? Staying on top means only staying original all the time.

How can you stay original as a brand?

You gonna need a “freshmaker”! No, not this old commercial of Mentos, no. You`re going to have a fresh idea, every time you need to say the people: “Hey, my stuff is here, and it is better than ever!” – like it used to be. And staying original is not only having a secret spice that nobody knows. It`s being productive all the time, as good as possible.

A new era is coming. Wealthy people are not that much, in fact, they are a few. Which is great. Because:

Staying original is staying close to the weak ones.

Yep. Here`s a new prediction for the marketing quality of the world`s business. If you target those who want to feel strong, but don`t feel strong enough or literally feel weak – then you`re going to solve more problems to more people/companies than any other competitor on the field.

Try it before others do.



P.S. Don`t forget me… (says the originality)




Learning the business from an ant…

We often fear the unknown, fear from highs, or difficulties.

That’s how we live and work. In business, for example, we often have to take difficult and sometimes unclear or unreasonable decisions. So I’m going to tell you a story based on real events that have happened for millions of years, it’s happening today. Every day. Thousands of times.
This is about an ant, I will call it Bogdan. The ant Bogdan takes care of many other ants and goes to work every day. Bogdan has a family. He is one of the Queen’s favorite ants, though he is sometimes irritable when it comes to their anthem.
Bogdan had to get on this tree today. Yes exactly what I shot. And to prove my next words, I’ll upload a portrait of Bogdan in the next post tomorrow.
So, with Bogdan, we met a few meters away of this tree. He said there was food up there. And it`s tasty and useful, also nice to cook (hе had in mind the seeds of cones). He said he’d take half a day to get up there. To get down with the food almost twice as much, but he was a brave, strong ant and could handle it without paying attention to the deadly threats of the birds and woodpeckers. He said that the descent was convenient because the slopes of the tree crust were thick and deep and that helped him a lot. He is orientating blindly, completely by the smells, and though it was still hard to find food, he returned with a rich “catch”.

I asked him if he is afraid of the unknown. And he only shakes antennas and rotates in the shape of a horizontally placed eight. Ants do this when they explain to people that the most important thing is the immortality of the soul. But my stupid brain understood only the eighth.

I’m saying myself that I have to learn from his hard work. And the extraordinary courage of this little animal.
– Bogdan, do you know what wisdom is?
– Well, doing things with reason. – he says and apologizes, but he must go because the family and anthill must eat in the winter. Everyone relies on him.

So I realized that ants understand business …


Storytelling for marketing is like money for budget. But… why?

Stories are not widgets, they are not exact, neither the marketing is.

Every business needs a special way to connect with his partners and customers in order to stay on top, and it`s always different and original.

But how will you define the best marketing? Easy – the best marketing is the one that places your brand on the market in the best possible way, which means you make sales. Then you make more sales. Then you expand your marketing plan, your business, and make more sales. But this is because you have a great marketing.

What happens if you have a great marketing, great team, great vision, great business plan, but not enough sales? You start to think “something is wrong”. Perhaps somebody is not doing his job or someone is trying to steal something from you. You make an investigation within the company, everything seems to be fine, everybody`s motivated, the marketing manager has fresh ideas, the business development team is top of the line, but something is still missing… customers are not buying enough. Why?

You make marketing research. Ask your customers. They are motivated. They want to buy.

You make competition research. You`re stronger and better than anyone on the field.

You start asking yourself “Where did I go wrong? Am I the problem?”. No, everything is fine, everybody loves you. They want to work for you. But there are not enough sales. What`s going on?

What in the name of all leaving creatures is wrong then? Even the customers WANT to buy, but they are not doing it. Why? WHY? WHHHHYYYYYY?

Well that`s the answer >>> WHY <<<

Then people like us are coming to help and reveal the truth, and help you increase your sales… or brand awareness.

Ask yourself this question (because every one of us is customer one way or another) – What is the single thought running through your mind before you make the decision to buy?

And the answer is simple – Why? Why should I do it? Why should I buy this from THEM?

The customer is constantly asking himself – why should I buy from YOU?

And now people like us are really needed. Why? Because our core value is to make your brand stand out in the best possible way. And now you ask yourself “why should I need you or your storytelling techniques to gain more sales?” And the answer is simple – because people need to hear from you your story. Their consumer’s heart is ready to open, you just need the key and the key is your beautiful story. Stop selling “what”, sell them “why”. Why are you here? Why are you struggling on this road, on this market? Why you have core values? Why you are what you are? Why you became what you are today? Why you choose this way every single day? Why you get up? Why you go to sleep? Why? Why? Why?

Customers are KIDS! We are all just a grown-up kinds, constantly asking WHY? WHY? WHY? And we don`t BUY if we don`t know WHY.

It`s the same with you. It`s the same with me. It`s the same with your 88 weird old neighbors…

Hope you like this article.

If you do – choose ArtSoulutions and tell your story.

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Storytelling for marketing is like money for budget

Why ArtSoulutions? …or how to activate the ENLIGHTENMENTfactor in your everyday life.

And the answer is easy – because we can help you stand out.

Our core value is to provide solutions – copywriting, video, photo, artistic, original enough to describe you as well as possibly can. To make you visible in the digital noise. To practically present your story to your audience/customers/friends/fans/partners.

My name is Radoslav Yordanov, storyteller, videographer, photographer, marketing and business development specialist. Through my wonderful journey, I`ve managed to learn so many interesting and useful things about storytelling, business, and marketing. I`ve struggled to know more and to improve my knowledge and skills in the best possible way. Now I`m focusing on providing solutions for different brands and trends in order to stand out and perform better on their business field.

My passion is about storytelling and marketing strategies using the strong and original content. My motivation has ever been expressed with this quote of mine:

“The most existing adventure is never stop improving yourself.”

And if you`re new to this blog, just like I am, by now, cause I`ve just started it, feel free to comment below an tell me how do you like it, and why.

A few words about the enlightenment in this article, because I`m preparing a longer and wider blog post about it… anyway when it comes to inspiration, then you have to know that you can find it everywhere – in simple things like orange juice, a piece of a broken glass, why not an old, beautiful Italian song about love, stunning masterpiece or breathtaking landscape – all these things are creating emotions, emotions are engaging people and people will listen to your story… if you`re inspired. If the best spice for the dish is the hunger, so the best way to inspire is by being grateful. Gratitude is the most healthy feelings of all.

That my friends I call enlightenment

when you catch a fleeting glimpse and turn it into a real dream came true.

Thank you for the interest, make sure to push that Subscribe button and find out more about storytelling and begin “storythrilling” your audience.

Why Artsoulutions how to activate the ENLIGHTENMENT factor in your everyday life.



5 Crucial storytelling techniques for your Brand

There`s a striking difference (when you have something to tell) between saying and not saying it. What are you waiting for? If you don`t speak now, someone else will do it. How many times happened the situation when you have a great idea, you doubt it`s gonna come true, and a few months after – someone else has accomplished it?

Yep, in nowadays people and companies are still selling “what” instead of “why”. Not like “what” is not important – it is, but “why” should we buy your product is the answer we`re going to take when buying. Isn`t that so?

And if you believe it is, check out these simple, but outstanding techniques in storytelling, that may become crucial in your behavior against your competition, or engaging your customers.

We`ll try to be as short as possible:

1. If you haven’t heard about Simon Sinek`s “Start with why”, I really suggest you listen very carefully what this clever guy is saying. This is probably one of the best speeches in our century (well, by now), breaking down the best practices of the company`s market presence, leadership and more. You can find books, videos and other stuff about this article if you`re interested.

2. Why is important for storytelling to have a good leader on board? Because every time a good leader tells a story everybody is engaged, enlightened, moved and excited. When a bad leader tells a story – everybody`s conscience is frequently saying “NO! NO! NO!” – because they don`t have a trust in the leader. No trust in the leader – no trust in the company`s values, no trust in the company… etc.

3. How to make your brand become an influencer? Yes, of course, it`s possible. You don’t have to be NIKE to push others to “Just do it”, you can do it, toо. Behind every brand there are people, and it`s very important if these people are not afraid to be CREATIVE and CREATE trends, not following trends. Charles Bukowski said:

“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”

So we say to you:

“Stop being smart enough to fail, and be stupid enough to believe you CAN!”

4. Find the best storytelling about your business, niche, company or brand and use it well. Sometimes it`s not that easy, but if you ask your audience you`ll get there pretty fast. Ones you hit the flow, just keep up the good work, and you will become a successful surfer on the waves of your dreams come reality. Storytelling is about you, your success, your struggle, your help to others. People want to know more about it – sell “why” not “what”, remember? You came all that way to be what you are, that`s why you do what you do. Think like that, and you`ll succeed.

5. Once and for all stop thinking of how BIG you should be, and delude yourself with the illusion that you need to have million years of experience, to tell a good story of your brand. NOPE. This part here is for the beginners. Have you made a buying persona profile, a marketing research, plans, strategies and evaluating? Well done. Now, the best thing you can do is to start asking your buying persona some questions, like – “We`re working on “this” and “that”, how do you like it? Will you buy it this way? Do feel satisfied with it? Would you like to give it a try?” or “What else you may need”, “Will you give us an idea of your thoughts about it?”, etc. People will engage so much with you, you won`t believe. This is a very strong practice, especially for startups and new ones on the business field. Use it. It will give you answers. Based on this answers you can:

  • improve your product or service;
  • start building strong communications;
  • create moving storytelling;
  • generate leads;
  • collect email list;
  • engage your first customers;
  • spread easier through social media platforms;
  • why not engage some powerful influencers, or becoming one from the early beginning?

At the end:

Listen to your heart, and not so much your brain.

The heart is for the people, the brain is for the money.

The money will come, follow your dreams.

So dear friends, how do you like this article about Crucial storytelling techniques for your Brand? Have you tried some of them? What was the reaction of your customers? Let us know in the comments below, and if you need to know something else, please contact us.

Have you got a passion for storytelling? Check out the “6 tips in storytelling you can use to stand out”. And don`t forget to SUBSCRIBE for more interesting articles on this topic.

5 Crucial storytelling techniques for your Brand

6 tips in storytelling you can use to stand out… like Bill Gates…

How will you react if I tell you that you share at least 6 stories a day? And if you connect with your audience or clients this way, you can earn A LOT.

Yes! From the moment you get in the car and go riding to your office, you exchange so much information that literally can be used to run a multimillion dollar company. How is that possible? Well, only the feelings you get while moving through space can reveal amazing stories, that you can tell your friends, colleagues or customers. And it`s that easy!

We have to learn to think about the situations as something important or interesting, as it actually is. And find the “amazing” in the “ordinary”.

Now, storytelling is so much involved in our everyday lives, that we practically do not detect it as a special kind of connecting between each-other. You can find a lot of examples by yourself, just think about it. And it`s very easy to be implemented in every marketing strategy for literally every business you run.

Strait to the point:

Let`s take for example this video where Bill Gates shares 6 moments of his life and career. In time, he didn`t think about them as some kind of special stories, but from the perspective “in nowadays” – THIS IS HUGE! (Special thanks to WIRED about this video).

If we break it down, as Bill Gates does, we`re going to find out:

  1. First steps in high-school – challenges and early moves;
  2. First steps in friendship and work with Paul Allen;
  3. First steps in the industry – the creation of Microsoft;
  4. First “excitement” strategies of the marketing team – Windows 95 – the greatest milestone of the company;
  5. First vacation in Serengeti – yep, even the best take five from time to time, so don`t skip the minutes to take a rest.
  6. First meeting becoming a lifetime friendship… with Warren Buffett – how exciting this is?

Yes, not everyone is Bill Gates and not everyone can meet Warren Buffet, but aren`t these 6 stories familiar to you?

And if they are, how well can you tell yours?

So I challenge you to take action!

Based on the stories you see in this video, can you write down the equivalents from your life and work? Of course, you can! Do it, and share it, it`s so easy. You can make a small video, write a blog or facebook post about it, whatever you want, however you feel it. Just don`t stop telling your story. A lot of people want to hear it. Believe me, I know.

And don`t forget to write me about the reactions of your audience. How engaging was this experience to your customers? How did you feel telling your story? How

Looking forward to hearing from you.

6 tips in storytelling you can use to stand out… like Bill Gates…

I bless the rains down in Africa…

Or how you can find the best examples of Storytelling everywhere

Use this advice:

“Africa” by TOTO has become one of the best songs ever made. Why? Because it reveals a story so interesting and irresistible that became a legend. Of course, the song has music that literally grabs you by the waist and makes you dance, but the inspiration that comes from the lyrics is an additional catalyst of imagination.

David Paich has made something, that we would call – amazing branding and fantastic marketing trick. Why? Because he constructed the perfect product – a melody so catchy and lyrics so adorable, that make it sell by itself. None of the less they made a video so powerful and interesting that also became legendary. So you have a product with the best possible features for all time.

But how? The answer is:

With a story!

In this case about the continent that is famous with poverty and vulnerable societies. But there is another side, too – the beauty and richness of nature.

Well isn`t that exactly like all our beginnings and entrepreneurship – often poor and vulnerable, but at the same time rich and full of beautiful ideas and concepts?

So as a storyteller, I would like to encourage you to find your Africa (this could be your craft/brand/idea/product or service) and write it as best as you can to make it legendary.

If you`re in the beginning, and you want to help yourself, try to answer these questions:

  1. Who needs my (idea/brand/story)
  2. Why he needs it?
  3. What (situations/problems) can I solve for him?
  4. Why I`m sharing it?
  5. How I`m planning to do it/share it?
  6. When? or For how long?

If you`re new in storytelling, but it`s pumping in your veins and you really want to tell your story, try out these tips:

  1. Share your basic daytime – how you spend your day, what do you do and why.
  2. Share the points of your struggling – don`t forget – everyone has a lot to share about struggling, so it`s easy to find people with similar interest when it comes to solving problems.
  3. Describe your vision or strategy – this is a powerful and helpful technique in storytelling because it leads to subscribers, followers, friends, and knowledge (they can often offer you a solution, that will provide you another point of view) which is great!


keep calm and tell your story,

a lot of people out there actually need it!

Best regards

P.S. Hey, and don`t forget to try out some of the tips and leave me a comment or write me through the contact section of this site. If you need any help ArtSoulutions is ready to provide it. See ya.

I bless the rains down in Africa

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